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Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)
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Publication BJS Program Application Kit: Fiscal Year 1991

April 1, 1991    NCJ 128413

One project is the State-Level Criminal Justice Statistical Analysis Center Program which will provide partial support to State governments for the establishment and operation of State-level centers for the analysis of statistics on crime and criminal justice. Another program consists of analytic projects for State-level criminal justice statistical analysis centers. This program will provide support to State statistical analysis centers for the investigation of special issues in criminal justice and the development of statistical methods and techniques for analyzing them. The National Incident-Based Reporting System Program, another project for which applications are being solicited, will assist State Uniform Crime Reports Programs in their implementation of recent changes in the National Uniform Crime Reports program. The Criminal History Record Improvement Program will assist State governments in making systemic improvements in the quality and timeliness of State criminal history record information nationwide, with particular emphasis on improving disposition reporting to the State's central repository. Funding for the continuation of the Federal Justice Statistics Program will ensure the continuation of the primary BJS resource for data describing the processing of cases through the Federal justice system. Each program is described in detail, along with award and application procedures. Appended description of the process of intergovernmental review of Federal programs

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