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Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)
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Publication Bureau of Justice Statistics, Annual Report, Fiscal 1986

April 1, 1987    NCJ 103985

BJS activities pertain to the collection, analysis, publishing, and dissemination of statistical information on crime, crime victims, criminal offenders, and operations of justice systems at all governmental levels; financial and technical support to State statistical and operating agencies; and analysis of national information policy on such issues as the privacy, confidentiality, and security of criminal justice data and the interstate exchange of criminal records. BJS data on crime cover crime volume and trends, violent crime, crime victims, victim-offender relationships, weapons use in crime, crime location, and crime against District of Columbia residents and Capitol Hill employees. Information on the characteristics of various types of crime covers domestic violence against women, rape, household burglary, bank robbery, and automated teller machine loss and theft. Data and information are also provided on various aspects of drugs, alcohol, and crime; the public response to crime; adjudication and sentencing corrections; recidivism and career criminals; and privacy, security, and confidentiality of criminal justice data. New BJS initiatives are described. 8 figures, and 3 tables


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