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Publication Jails in Indian Country, 2008

Todd D. Minton, Bureau of Justice Statistics

December 1, 2009    NCJ 228271

Presents findings from the 2008 Survey of Jails in Indian Country, an enumeration of 82 jails, confinement facilities, detention centers, and other facilities operated by tribal authorities or the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The report includes data on the number of adults and juveniles held, type of offense, number of persons confined on the last weekday of each month, average daily population, peak population, and admissions in June 2008. It also summarizes rated capacity, facility crowding, and jail staffing.


  • The number of inmates admitted into Indian country jails during June 2008 was about 6 times the size of the average
    daily population.
  • The number of inmates confined in Indian country jails declined by 1.3% at midyear 2008, dropping to 2,135
  • Inmates held for aggravated and simple assault increased at midyear 2008; domestic violence declined.

Part of the Jails in Indian Country Series

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