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Publication State Court Sentencing of Convicted Felons, 1994

Jodi M. Brown, Patrick A. Langan, Ph.D., Bureau of Justice Statistics

April 1, 1998    NCJ 164614

Presents detailed findings from the 1994 nationally representative sample survey of felons convicted in State courts in 300 counties. The report includes tables on the number of felony offenders in State courts, the sentences they received, the demographic characteristics of convicted felons, the number of felons sentenced to probation, the number of felons convicted by trial and guilty plea, and the amount of time required to process felony conviction cases. Of the 872,000 felons convicted in State courts, 89 percent pleaded guilty and the rest were found guilty at trial; 45 percent were sentenced to prison, 26 percent to local jail, and 29 percent to straight probation with no jail or prison time to serve. This is the fourth in a series published every other year since 1988.

Part of the State Court Sentencing of Convicted Felons Series

Full Report (PDF 319K)
Full Report (ASCII file 71K)
Introduction (PDF 77K)
I. Felony sentences in State courts (PDF 86K)
II. Profile of felons convicted in State courts (PDF 112K)
III. Felons sentenced to probation in State courts (PDF 103K)
IV. Felony case processing in State court (PDF 111K)
V. Regional variation in adjudication and sentencing (PDF 58K)
VI. Juveniles transferred to adult court (PDF 87K)
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