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Publication Spouse Murder Defendants in Large Urban Counties

Patrick A. Langan, Ph.D., John M. Dawson, Bureau of Justice Statistics

October 11, 1995    NCJ 153256

Approximately 1 in 3 spouse murder cases disposed in 1988 in the nation's 75 largest urban counties were sampled. More than half of the nation's murders occurred in these 75 largest counties. Of the spouse murders sampled, 59% were husbands killing wives, and 41% were wives killing husbands. This report discusses how state prosecutors, judges, and juries handled these two types of murder cases and gives specific case histories, describing each case and its outcome in court.

Executive Summary (PDF 44K)
Executive Summary (ASCII file 10K)
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Fact Sheet (ASCII file 5K)
Full Report (PDF 186K)
Full Report (ASCII file 76K)
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