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Publication Substance Dependence, Abuse, and Treatment of Jail Inmates, 2002

Jennifer C. Karberg, Doris J. James, Bureau of Justice Statistics

July 1, 2005    NCJ 209588

Presents data from the 2002 Survey of Inmates in Local Jails on inmates' prior use, dependence, and abuse of alcohol and illegal drugs. The report also provides data on types of substance abuse treatment or other programs reported by jail inmates. It presents measures of dependence and abuse by gender, race, Hispanic origin, age, and most serious offense. The report compares the levels of prior substance use, dependence, abuse, and treatment by selected characteristics, such as family background, criminal record, type of substance, and offense. Tables include trends in the levels of substance use and treatment reported by jail inmates since the last national survey was conducted in 1996.


In 2002 --

  • 68% of jail inmates reported symptoms in the year before their admission to jail that met substance dependence or abuse criteria.
  • 16% of convicted jail inmates said that they committed their offense to get money for drugs.
  • 63% of inmates who met substance dependence or abuse criteria had participated in substance treatment or other programs.

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