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Previous Solicitations and Announcements: 1998

State Justice Statistics Program for Statistical Analysis Centers: Program Application Guidelines, Fiscal Year 1998

  • NCJ 170598
    This announcement contains application information and guidelines for the State Justice Statistics Program for Statistical Analysis Centers (SACs). Under this program, SACs are eligible for funding to carry out data collection and analysis of criminal justice themes/issues of significant interest to criminal justice policy and decision makers. These themes are identified each year by the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Justice Research and Statistics Association.

    Eligibility: State Statistical Analysis Centers are the only entities eligible to apply for funds under the SJS program.

    Contact Information: For further information, contact Paul White, SJS Program Manager, at (202) 307-0771, or your state monitor.

    PDF (253K) | ASCII file (42K)

National Criminal History Improvement Program: Fiscal Year 1998 Program Announcement

  • NCJ 171127
    Describes procedures for applying for continuation funding under the BJS-administered NCHIP program. Consistent with the fiscal 1998 appropriation, the 1998 NCHIP program funds support implementation of grant requirements under the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (Brady Act), the National Child Protection Act of 1993 (NCPA), and the National Domestic Violence/Stalker Reduction provisions of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The 1998 appropriation was $47.75 M ($45M under Brady/NCPA, and $2.75M under VAWA). Awards are made only to the agency designated by the Governor to administer the program.

    Deadline: Applications must be received by June 30, 1998, to be eligible for funding from the FY 1998 appropriation.

    Eligibility: Only one application will be accepted from each State. The application must be submitted by the agency designated by the State Governor.

    Contact Information: For assistance, please contact your state Point of Contact (POC).

    PDF (324K) | ASCII file (61K)

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