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Data Collection: National Survey Of Indigent Defense Systems (NSIDS), 2013
Status: Active
Latest data available: 2013

In 2013, the National Survey of Indigent Defense Systems (NSIDS) was designed as a census of all forms of indigent defense public defender, contract counsel, and assigned or appointed counsel in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Indigent defense was characterized as state-administered (one or two central offices directing indigent defense for the entire state) or county-administered (each county provides and administers indigent defense, without a state central coordinating office). The surveys were sent to the state offices in the state-administered systems to provide information for the entire state. In county-administered states, the survey was sent to county offices (court administrators, contract administrators, public defenders).

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Data Experts

  • George Ebo Browne, BJS Statistician (Email this expert)
  • Kevin M. Scott, Ph.D., BJS Statistician (Email this expert)
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    National Survey of Indigent Defense Systems
    2013 PDF (364K)
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    For the 2013 census, NSIDS targeted indigent defense offices that practice in courts of general jurisdiction. Federal and municipal court indigent defenders were excluded by design. The survey collected information about the type of indigent defense delivery methods, caseloads, personnel and staffing, training opportunities, conflict management, funding and fees collected by indigent defense systems, and oversight by an advisory board or commission.

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    Publications & Products

    The following publications and products were generated by BJS using data from this collection.

    State-Administered Indigent Defense Systems, 2013 Describes the methods for providing representation in criminal defense and civil, juvenile and appeals cases in 28 states and the District of Columbia.
      Summary (PDF 244K) | Full report (PDF 958K) | ASCII file (31K) | Comma-delimited format (CSV) (Zip format 31K)

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