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Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)
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Data Collection: Survey of Large Jails
Status: Inactive
Frequency: A 2004 addendum to the Annual Survey of Jails.
Latest data available: 2004

The survey focused on critical issues related to jail operations and inmate management, information on offender flows through local jails, corresponding workloads, and jail programs and treatment. Specifically, the survey measured the number of jail admissions, including conviction status, most serious offenses, and screening at intake for mental health disorders, risk of suicide, and drug use. It also included questions on the number of inmates participating in counseling and special programs, number of inmates discharged, types of releases, and lengths of stay.

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BJS developed the 2004 Survey of Large Jails (SLJ), an addendum to the Annual Survey of Jails that gathered information from jail jurisdictions with an average daily population of 1,000 or more inmates or a rated capacity of 1,000 or more beds. Data were obtained by mailed questionnaires. Through follow-up phone calls and facsimiles, 131 of the 146 jail jurisdictions (90%) responded.

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