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Data Collection: Recidivism Survey of Felons on Probation
Status: Inactive
Frequency: 1986
Latest data available: 1986-1989

The one-time survey provided national estimates of the recidivism rate of felons sentenced to probation in selected years. In the survey, samples of convicted felons placed on probation were tracked for three years, and data were compiled on the percentage of them who were are rearrested, reconvicted, or reimprisoned for new crimes within the three-year follow-up period. The various recidivism measures were based on official criminal history records maintained by each state.

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One time data collection

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Publications & Products

The following publications and products were generated by BJS using data from this collection.

Recidivism of Felons on Probation, 1986-89 Information from a sample of felony probationers in 17 states was used to describe their subsequent arrests and levels of compliance with court-ordered requirements.
  Full report (PDF)
Part of the Recidivism of Prisoners Released Series

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