Federal Criminal Case Processing Statistics

The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), through its Federal Justice Statistics Resource Center (FJSRC), compiles comprehensive information describing suspects and defendants processed in the federal criminal justice system. The Federal Criminal Case Processing Statistics (FCCPS) data tool is an interface that can be used to analyze federal case processing data. Users can generate various statistics in the areas of federal law enforcement, prosecution/courts, and incarceration for the years between 1998 and 2018. Users can also look up data based on title and section of the U.S. Criminal Code for the years between 1994 and 2018. This data tool includes offenders held for violating federal laws. It excludes commitments from the D.C. Superior Court.

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Online Analysis Help 
large bullet arrow right Law Enforcement
small bullet arrow right Suspects in investigations initiated:  tables | trends 
small bullet arrow right Persons arrested and booked:  tables | trends 
small bullet arrow right Suspects in investigations concluded:  tables | trends 

large bullet arrow right Prosecution/Courts
small bullet arrow right Defendants charged in criminal cases:  tables | trends 
small bullet arrow right Defendants in criminal cases closed:  tables | trends 
small bullet arrow right Offenders sentenced:  tables | trends 

large bullet arrow right Incarceration
small bullet arrow right Prisoners entering federal prison:  tables | trends 
small bullet arrow right Prisoners in federal prison at year-end:  tables | trends 
small bullet arrow right Prisoners exiting federal prison:  tables | trends 

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