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Medical Problems of Prisoners

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Table 8. Medical services received by prison inmates, 2004

Medical service provided Percent of all prison inmates

State Federal

At time of admission
  Staff checked to see if you were sick, injured, or
74.3 % 79.1 %
  Staff asked questions about your health or medical
88.6   91.1  
  Staff asked if you had ever thought about suicide? 87.6   90.9  
Since admission
  Has anyone pricked your skin to test for TB? 95.1 % 95.9 %
  Have you had a blood test for any reason? 87.4   93.1  
  Has your blood been tested for HIV? 73.1   83.5  
  Have you had a medical exam? 84.4   91.5  

Source: Survey of Inmates in State and Federal Correctional Facilities, 2004.
  See also Methodology.
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