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Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)
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Criminal Victimization in the United States - Statistical Tables Index

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  Robbery (See also Definition )

    Agency type providing assistance to victim
        Property stolen
        Recovery of
        Time from work
        Value of
    Number of incidents
        Alcohol/drug use
        Number of
        Victim-offender relationship
        Weapons used
    Physical force, who used first
    Place of occurrence
        Activity during initial contact
        Response time to victim
        Response to reported incident
    Reporting to police
        Reasons for
        Reasons for not
    Series victimizations
    Time of occurrence
    Victim-offender relationship
        Activity at time of incident
        Distance from home
        Family income
        Head of household
        Marital status
        Number of
            Number of years lived at
            Region of
            Self-protective measures
            Urban, suburban, rural

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