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Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)
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Criminal Victimization in the United States - Statistical Tables Index

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  Assault (See also Definition )

    Agency type providing assistance to victim
    Aggravated (See Aggravated Assault)
        Time from work
    Number of incidents
        Alcohol/drug use
        Multiple-offender victimizations
        Number of
        Relationship to victim
        Single-offender victimizations
        Weapons used
    Physical force, who used first
    Place of occurrence
    Reporting to police
            Reasons for
            Reasons for not
    Series victimizations
    Simple (See Simple Assault)
    Time of occurrence
    Victim-offender relationship
        Distance from home
        Family income
        Head of household
        Marital status
            Hospital care
        Number of
            Number of years lived at
            Region of
            Urban, suburban, rural
        Self-protective measures

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