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Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)
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State Justice Statistics Program

Application Checklist

All applications must be electronically submitted through the Office of Justice Programs' Grants Management System (GMS), which can be accessed at:

Please use this checklist to make sure your application is complete.

Your GMS application must include:

Online Forms

____ Application for Federal Assistance (Standard Form 424). This form is generated by completing the on-screen Overview, Applicant Information, and Project Information screens in GMS.

____ Assurances and Certifications. The assurances and certifications must be reviewed and accepted electronically by the authorizing official or the designated authorizing official.

Attachments (3)

___ Budget Detail Worksheet and Budget Summary (Attachment #1). The Budget Detail Worksheet must present a detailed budget that itemizes all proposed costs and must include a budget narrative that provides justification for all proposed costs. A Budget Summary should also be included.

___ Program Narrative (Attachment #2). The Program Narrative must include the following sections:

___ Status of prior SJS projects

___ Description of proposed projects

___ Explanation of placement of the agency and key organization components involved in project activities.

___ Key personnel

___ Other Program Attachments (Attachment #3). All attachments must be in one file.

___ Human Subjects Protection Certification of Compliance

___ Privacy Certificate

Please refer to corresponding sections in the Program Announcement to determine specific content of each of these sections.

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