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About the project

The National Survey of Victim Service Providers (NSVSP) aims to fill important gaps in our understanding of victim service providers (VSPs) and the victims they serve, providing insight into how the field is equipped to meet victims' needs.

The NSVSP will provide reliable information about the—

  • organizational resources required to provide services to victims of crime
  • range of services being provided to victims
  • characteristics of victims who receive services
  • characteristics of staff providing services to victims
  • access to and use of technology by VSPs
  • availability of staff, funding, and resources to meet victims' needs.
Using information from the National Census of Victim Service Providers, this longer, more in-depth NSVSP will survey a nationally representative sample of VSPs. As part of the Victim Services Statistical Research Program, BJS plans to implement the NSVSP routinely to monitor progress and development in the victim services field. NSVSP was conceived in collaboration with and funding from the Office for Victims of Crime.

Contact information

Please email all inquiries to Include "National Survey of Victim Service Providers" in the subject line.


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