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About the project

The National Census of Victim Service Providers (NCVSP) is a short census of all programs and organizations that serve victims of crime or abuse. The NCVSP aims to define the diverse field of victim service providers (VSPs) and identify the size and scope of the victim services field.

The NCVSP research team aggregated and de-duplicated lists from across the nation to develop a roster of more than 30,000 VSPs. The NCVSP will refine the VSP roster and produce a clear picture of the victim services field, including—

  • How many VSPs currently exist?
  • Where are they located?
  • How are they funded?
  • How many paid staff serve crime victims nationwide?
  • How many providers use volunteers to administer services?
  • What types of services do providers offer?
  • What types of crime victims seek services?
  • How many VSPs are concerned about future funding?

The NCVSP will result in the first national all-inclusive list of active victim service providers. This list will serve as a sampling frame for the National Survey of Victim Service Providers, a longer, more detailed survey of a representative sample of victim service providers. The NCVSP and the NSVSP are part of BJS's Victim Services Statistical Research Program.

To view a recorded webinar about the project, or to see a list of the many organizations supporting the NCVSP, please visit:

Message on the importance of the NCVSP - BJS Acting Director (pdf)

Joint Statement from Office for Victims of Crime Director and Office on Violence Against Women Principal Deputy Director (pdf)

Project team and expert panels (pdf)

Project status and schedule (pdf)


Please email all inquires to

If you have not received an invitation by mid-November, please contact NORC, Angela Herrmann by phone (877) 504-1086, or e-mail to sign up to participate in the NCVSP by web, phone, or mail.


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