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Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)
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Job opportunities

BJS jobs you can currently apply for are listed on the Office of Justice Programs Job Openings page along with other OJP job openings. Check this list frequently since the positions available change from week to week.

BJS employs a variety of positions to fulfill its mission, including:

Statistician - manages data collection activities, conducts analysis, and prepares statistical reports for public dissemination.

Editor - edits documents for clarity, coherence, and rational development of statistical material.

Grant Program Specialist - participates in the oversight, planning, implementation, and assessment of grant programs related to the development of State-level capabilities in justice statistics and improvement of the quality of criminal history records and information systems.

Policy and Program Analyst - utilizes the BJS statistical series to assess/evaluate policy issues or initiatives and prepares special reports as needed to support program development.

In addition, BJS offers a variety of opportunities for recent graduates and students at the graduate and undergraduate level including:

Presidential Management Fellows Program - provides an opportunity for graduate students from a wide variety of academic disciplines who have an interest in, and commitment to, a career in the analysis and management of public policies and programs. To be eligible for placement with a Federal agency, applicants must satisfy all graduate degree requirements during the current academic year. Students interested in obtaining a PMF application should contact the head of their graduate program or placement office. More information about the Presidential Management Fellows Program is available from the Office of Personnel Management.

Summer Education Employment Program - provides an opportunity for students to gain exposure to public service while enhancing their educational goals and shaping their career choices. More information about the Summer Education Employment Program is available from the Office of Personnel Management. BJS positions typically held by students include:

Statistical Clerk and Statistical Assistant - assist analytical staff in the preparation of tables, verifying data, conducting literature searches and research on various topics as assigned.

Administrative Clerk and Administrative Assistant - assists administrative and management staff in maintaining effective operations and meeting program objectives.

BJS also sponsors the Visiting Research Fellowship Program where experienced scholars and practitioners participate in a specifically designed research project of particular operation relevance to the national or international justice system.

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