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BJS Visiting Fellows Program

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About the program

Under BJS sponsorship, researchers selected as BJS Visiting Fellows come to Washington to conduct studies on selected topics. While in Washington, fellows have BJS office space and access to the agency's rich array of datasets and software. They interact with BJS staff and gain first-hand knowledge of some of the most recent developments in the field of criminal justice research. In addition to carrying out their research, fellows also have opportunities to contribute in other significant ways.

For example, recent fellows have:

  • briefed the Attorney General on latest trends in youth violence
  • helped design a BJS survey on police use of force
  • explored new methods for visualizing BJS data
  • compared crime rates between the U.S. and England
  • examined the methodological history of the NCVS

The BJS Visiting Fellowship Program is open to senior-level social science researchers whose work on crime-related subjects has been extensively published. Some fellows remain on-site at BJS for the entire duration of their project. Others make only occasional visits to accommodate their schedules. At the close of their visit, fellows prepare a research report summarizing results and policy implications of their project.

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Further information and contacts about the program

If you are interested in the program or have additional questions, send an e-mail to In the subject of the e-mail specify BJS Visiting Fellows Program. Please review the funding page for Visting Fellow solicitations.

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Recent BJS fellows:

Professor Janet L. Lauritsen
Associate Professor
Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice
University of Missouri-St. Louis
Project: Examining the methodological history of the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)

Professor David P. Farrington
Lecturer in Criminology at Cambridge University
Past President of the British Society of Criminology
President-elect of the American Society of Criminology
Project: Comparison of crime and justice in England and the U.S.

Professor Michael D. Maltz
Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Illinois
Editor of Journal of Quantitative Criminology
Project: Development of graphical and geographical methods for analyzing criminal justice data

Professor James A. Fox
Dean of Criminal Justice at Northeastern University
Project: Investigating how different police departments classify assaults and homicides for statistical purposes

Professor James P. Lynch
Associate Professor
Department of Justice, Law and Society
American University
Project: Describing differences in punishment cross-nationally with special emphasis on the use of incarceration

Professor Roland J. Chilton
Department of Sociology
University of Massachusetts
Project: Create easy-to-use incident-based police datasets for analysis of diverse topics related to crime.

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