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Associated Files

To the right of each release, you will see a series of icons that provide direct access to associated files. If an icon is missing, the file is not available. For example, some publications do not have press releases. The contents of these files are described below.

Full report

Provides the full report in PDF format.


Provides a summary of the report in PDF format.

Press Release

Provides the press release associated with the publication in PDF format.


Provides a ZIP archive of spreadsheets in comma-separate variable (CSV) format for all of the figures and data tables in the report. CSV files can be opened in any spreadsheet application. The archive also contains a "readme.txt" file that lists all of the tables.


Links to the publication detail page, which provides a description of the publication, a summary of the report highlights, links to associated release files, and a link to the related data source.



At the top of this webpage, you can choose to view results by latest release, publication series, or data collection.

Latest release view

This view groups and orders the publications by release year from most recent to oldest date of release. To see all releases in a specific year, click on a year within the "Release Years" option list at the top of the page.

Publication Series View

This view groups releases by the publication series. To see all releases in a specific series, click on a series title within the "Series" option list at the top of the page. This view will not show "one-off" publications that were not a part of a series.

Data Collection View (under revision and currently unavailable)

This view groups releases by the data collection that generated the source data. To see all releases associated with a particular data collection, click on a data collection within the "Data Collections" option list at the top of the page.

Additional Navigation Options
At the top and bottom left corners of the grid you will see icons that offer additional options to navigate within the lists of releases.


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