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Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)
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BJS Website Improvements
Improvements made to the BJS website are posted on this page with links and related guidance. Please contact us via with any feedback or questions related to these changes.

Improvement Date Description
Revised publication and product listings 9/6/2012 The site's topic and data collection pages have been adjusted to consistently order publications and products by latest release date by default. Instructions for re-sorting publication listings by clicking on table headers have been added above publication lists. See an example.
Expanded website topics view 9/6/2012 A "Topics" link has been added to the top navigation bar found on each page of the site. When clicked, all 1st and 2nd level site topics are shown in one large popup window to make it easier to understand the topical hierarchy of the site. This link is located in the upper left-hand section of all pages to the right of the "home" link.
Enhanced page footer 9/6/2012 An enhanced page footer has been added to provide expanded navigational options at any locations within the site and to reduce the amount of scrolling required to access key agency information and help files. The new footer is located at the bottom of each page.
Revised homepage and banner 9/6/2012 The banner and homepage layouts have been simplified. Resources (e.g. related links, site map) less frequently accessed by users have been moved to the global page footer. Browse the homepage.
Website improvements page 9/6/2012 This website improvements page has been added to keep BJS customers informed of beneficial updates to the site.

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