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Product Type Title (and Summary) Date Product Number
Publication Profile of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, 1987 This survey for fiscal 1987 is based on a sample of 3,054 law enforcement agencies, including all State police agencies, all local agencies with 135 or more employees, and a sample of smaller agencies.
Part of the Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics Series
3/1/1989 NCJ 113949
Publication Probation and Parole, 1987 This statistical bulletin reports on the numbers of adult individuals under correctional supervision in local, state, and federal prison systems throughout the United States in 1987.
Part of the Probation and Parole Populations Series
11/1/1988 NCJ 113948
Publication State of Crime and Criminal Justice in Ohio These tables, figures, and narrative analyses present a statistical overview of attitudes toward crime, the nature and extent of crime, the characteristics of offenders, and the criminal justice response to crime in Ohio.
4/1/1987 NCJ 113877
Publication Criminal Victimization 1987 These data from the National Crime Survey (NCS), which measures both reported and unreported crimes, update the preliminary estimates of victimization in 1987, which were released in March 1988.
Part of the Criminal Victimization: National Crime Victimization Survey Series
10/1/1988 NCJ 113587
Publication Open vs. Confidential Records: Proceedings of a BJS/Search Conference This report on the proceedings of the National Conference on Open Versus Confidential Records (September 29-30, 1987) provides background information on the issues involved, the perspectives of the competing interests for both privacy and openness, and the implications of expanding public access to criminal justice records.
11/1/1988 NCJ 113560
Publication Survey of Youth in Custody, 1987 In 1987, an interview survey was conducted with a nationally representative sample of 2,621 residents in 50 long-term, State-operated juvenile correctional institutions.
9/1/1988 NCJ 113365
Publication Prosecution of Felony Arrests, 1986 This report presents data on felony arrest cases disposed of in 1986 for 28 urban jurisdictions in the United States.
6/1/1989 NCJ 113248
Publication Drug Arrests in Wisconsin, 1986-1987 Statistical reports.
7/1/1988 NCJ 113053
Publication Criminal Defense for the Poor, 1986 This study replicates the methodology used in a 1982 survey of State criminal defense programs for the poor, using a stratified sample of 718 counties in 50 States to update and provide comparable data on indigent defense services.
9/1/1988 NCJ 112919
Publication Compendium of Federal Justice Statistics, 1984 This document is the first comprehensive report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) that presents an overview of Federal criminal case processing.
Part of the Compendium of Federal Justice Statistics Series
8/1/1989 NCJ 112816
Publication Juvenile Records and Recordkeeping Systems To examine juvenile records and recordkeeping systems, national surveys were sent to 500 randomly selected law enforcement agencies, State central criminal history repositories, and presiding judges in the 45 largest juvenile court jurisdictions.
11/1/1988 NCJ 112815
Publication Census of Local Jails, 1983: Vol. IV. The West: Data for Individual Jails This fourth volume of the 1983 Census of Local Jails presents data by State, county, and facility for States in the West (Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming).
Part of the Census of Jails Series
11/1/1988 NCJ 112799
Publication Census of Local Jails, 1983: Vol. III. The South: Data for Individual Jails Data for individual jails in the South from the 1983 Census of Local Jails cover facility and inmate characteristics, programs, employees, and expenditures.
Part of the Census of Jails Series
11/1/1988 NCJ 112798
Publication Census of Local Jails, 1983: Vol. II. The Midwest Data for Individual Jails This second volume of the 1983 Census of Local Jails presents data by State, county, and facility for States in the Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin).
Part of the Census of Jails Series
11/1/1988 NCJ 112797
Publication Census of Local Jails, 1983: Vol. I. The Northeast Data for Individual Jails This first Volume of the 1983 Census of Local Jails presents data by State, county, and facility for States in the Northeast (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania).
Part of the Census of Jails Series
11/1/1988 NCJ 112796
Publication Census of Local Jails, 1983: Volume V. Selected Findings Methodology and Summary Tables This fifth Volume of the 1983 Census of Local Jails describes the census methodology, presents 17 summary tables by region and State, provides 13 text tables, and outlines selected findings in narrative form.
Part of the Census of Jails Series
11/1/1988 NCJ 112795
Publication Child Abuse and Neglect Report: Children and the Agency This study analyzed data on child abuse and neglect reporting in Jefferson County, Kentucky, between July 1982 and June 1983.
3/1/1987 NCJ 112558
Publication Rape in Arkansas, 1987 Rape statistics.
5/1/1988 NCJ 112246
Publication Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Law and Justice Statistics These papers from the third biannual Workshop on Law and Justice Statistics, held in conjunction with the American Statistical Association's 1985 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nev., August 3 and 4, pertain to current work in criminal justice statistics.
8/1/1985 NCJ 112230
Publication Criminal Justice Microcomputer Guide and Software Catalogue This guide is aimed at small and medium sized criminal justice agencies to help them select new microcomputer systems, software, hardware, vendors, and other computer technology related services.
6/1/1988 NCJ 112178
Publication Technical Appendix: Report to the Nation on Crime and Justice This technical appendix to the "Report to the Nation on Crime and Justice," second edition provides source information and supplementary data.
7/1/1988 NCJ 112011
Publication Capital Punishment, 1987 This report provides detailed national information on inmates under death sentences.
Part of the Capital Punishment Series
7/1/1988 NCJ 111939
Publication Our Crowded Jails: A National Plight Jail overcrowding is a serious national problem that affects not only jail management, but the functioning of the whole criminal justice system.
6/1/1988 NCJ 111846
Publication Drug Law Violators, 1980-86 Based on data computations using the Federal Justice Statistics data base, this study examines various facts on Federal drug offenders for 1980-1986, including the number prosecuted and convicted, types of sentences, time served in prison, and recidivism rates.
Part of the Federal Justice Statistics Series
6/1/1988 NCJ 111763
Publication Corrections Populations in the United States, 1986 Full Report Presents data on the number of persons in the United States who were under some form of correctional supervision. Paper copy only.
Part of the Correctional Populations in the United States Series
2/1/1989 NCJ 111611
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