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Publication Households Touched by Crime, 1987

Michael R. Rand

May 1, 1988    NCJ 111240

The analysis excludes homicides as well as crimes that are not measured by the NCS. As in the previous 2 years, about 1 in 4 American households experienced one of the crimes discussed. This is well below the almost 1 in 3 households touched by crime in 1975. In 1987, as in earlier years, households with high incomes, households in urban areas, and black households were more vulnerable to crime than others. In addition, Hispanic households were more vulnerable to crime than non-Hispanic households. Households in the Northeast were the least vulnerable to crime, while those in the West were the most vulnerable. This year was only the second year since 1981 in which the percentage of households touched by crime did not decrease significantly from the previous year. Figures and tables.

Part of the Crime and the Nation's Households Series


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