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Publication Criminal Victimization 1987

Marshall M. Deberry, Kelly H. Shim

October 1, 1988    NCJ 113587

The NCS measures selected personal and household offenses through interviews at 6-month intervals with households that compose a representative national sample. The data presented in this report cover victimization trends for 1973-87; victimization levels for selected crimes, 1973-87; changes in victimization levels and rates for personal and household crimes, 1986-87; victimization rates for such crimes, 1973-87; and comparison of changes in victimization rates for these crimes, 1973-87. Tables and figures also address trends in victimization rates of personal crimes, 1973-87; victimization rates for personal and household crimes by region, 1986-87; trends in victimization rates of household crimes, 1973-87; and victimizations reported to the police, 1973-87. Remaining data encompass trends in reporting crimes to the police, 1973-87 and preliminary estimates and final results for 1987 victimization levels and rates. The overall level of crime increased marginally, but the victimization rate remained stable from last year. 4 figures, 7 tables.

Part of the Criminal Victimization: National Crime Victimization Survey Series


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