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Data Table Criminal Victimization in the United States -- Statistical Tables, 2006

Patsy A. Klaus, Cathy T. Maston

August 1, 2008    NCJ 223436

Presents tables with detailed data on major variables measured by the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS). Topics covered include --

  • crimes of violence (rape, gender, sexual assault, robbery, assault) and theft (pocket picking, purse snatching, burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft), with data on victim characteristics (gender, age, race, ethnicity, marital status, income, and residence)
  • crime characteristics (time and place of occurrence, distance from home, weapon use, self-protection, injury, medical care, economic loss, and time lost from work)
  • victim-offender relationship
  • victims' perceptions of substance use by offenders and of offender characteristics (age, race, and gender)
  • whether crimes were reported to the police and reasons why
  • police response time for reported crimes

Part of the Criminal Victimization in the United States Series

Complete set of tables (PDF 1.4M)
Complete set of tables - Zip format (Spreadsheet 157K)
Demography of victims (PDF 336K)
Demography of victims - Zip format (Spreadsheet 38K)
Victims and offenders (PDF 321K)
Victims and offenders - Zip format (Spreadsheet 37K)
The crime event (PDF 239K)
The crime event - Zip format (Spreadsheet 46K)
Victims and the criminal justice system (PDF 315K)
Victims and the criminal justice system - Zip format (Spreadsheet 32K)
Series victimizations (PDF 96K)
Series victimizations - Zip format (Spreadsheet 5K)
Methodology (PDF 74K)
Methodology (ASCII file 47K)
NCVS questionnaires
Codebooks and Datasets

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