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Product Type Title (and Summary) Date Product Number
Publication Sheriffs' Offices, 2007 - Statistical Tables Presents data collected from a nationally representative sample of sheriffs' offices on a variety of agency characteristics.
Part of the Sheriffs' Office Series
12/6/2012 NCJ 238558
Publication Sixteen States Executed 56 Offenders Last Year This press release and accompanying bulletin from the Bureau of Justice Statistics report that 16 States executed a total of 56 prisoners in 1995, the largest numbers of executions in 1 year since the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of revised State capital punishment laws in 1976.
12/4/1996 NCJ 165419
Publication So the Verdict is in -- What Happens Next? The Continuing Story of Tort Awards in the State Courts Jury decisions represent a central focus of attention for both scholars who seek to understand the civil litigation process and reformers who seek to change the civil justice system, and this article expands on knowledge of the litigation process by clarifying the relationship between cases that end following a trial court verdict and those that involve some form of posttrial activity.
1/1/1993 NCJ 143171
Publication Social Order in Middletown, 1932-1975 This manual contains a brief study description (purpose, data collection methods, and variables) and the project codebook for an analysis of crime in Muncie and Delaware County, Ind., for 1932-75.
1/1/1985 NCJ 98798
Publication Socio-emotional Impact of Violent Crime Examines victims' socio-emotional problems resulting from violent crime, including moderate to severe distress, problems with family or friend relationships, or problems at work or school.
Publication South Carolina Criminal Justice Data, 1987-1988 Criminal justice statistics.
4/1/1989 NCJ 120492
Publication South Dakota Serious Crime Survey, 1985 Data from a questionnaire survey of 3,970 South Dakota residents over age 17 formed the basis of an analysis of victimization rates, victims' experiences with the criminal justice system, and public attitudes toward the criminal justice system.
6/1/1986 NCJ 102294
Publication South Dakota Sex Offender Project The South Dakota Statistical Analysis Center undertook a project to profile and track sex offenders as they progressed through the State's criminal justice system.
1/24/1991 NCJ 125797
Data Table Special public safety functions of local police departments, by size of population served, 2003 Table 36 from Local Police Departments, 2003
Publication Spouse Murder Defendants in Large Urban Counties Discusses how state prosecutors, judges, and juries handled two types of murder cases (husbands killing wives and wives killing husbands) and gives specific case histories, describing each case and its outcome.
10/11/1995 NCJ 153256
Press Release Stalking Victimization in the United States 3.4 Million people report being stalked in the United States
Publication Stalking Victims in the United States - Revised Presents findings on nonfatal stalking victims in the U.S., based on the largest data collection of such behavior to date.
9/28/2012 NCJ 224527
Publication Standardized Crime Reporting System, Volume 3, Infromation for Decision-Making - A Guide to the Utilization of SCRS Data This guide to the use of a standardized crime reporting system (SCRS) data demonstrates potential crime information applications by showing how SCRS data elements can be used for crime-related reports.
3/1/1980 NCJ 66964
Publication Standardized Crime Reporting System's Exemplary SCRS Model Phase 4 - Final Report Results are presented from an effort to disseminate and transfer the Standardized Crime Reporting System (SCRS), a project intended to improve criminal justice information and statistics through the development and implementation of standardized methods for managing crime event data.
4/30/1981 NCJ 82453
Publication State Appellate Caseload Growth Documentary Appendix This report supplies background data for a project that documented, analyzed, and forecast State appellate court caseload trends, using filings gathered from 43 States going back 10 to 15 years and other court statistics.
10/1/1983 NCJ 92656
Publication State Appellate Caseload Growth: Documentary Appendix This documentary appendix supplies background descriptions of the variables and analysis for various publications growing out of the project, 'Documenting, Analyzing, and Forecasting Appellate Court Caseload Trends.'
3/1/1985 NCJ 102831
Data Table State Corrections Expenditures - Direct Presents state government direct corrections expenditures for institutions and other corrections agencies for fiscal years 1982-99.
Publication State Corrections Expenditures, FY 1982-2010 Presents data on state corrections expenditures from fiscal years 1982 to 2010. It examines trends in state corrections spending for building and operating institutions and for other corrections functions.
12/10/2012 NCJ 239672
Publication State Court Caseload Statistics - Annual Report, 1976 This annual report from the national court statistics project is the second in a series containing statistical data from annual reports of each state court along with other available published and unpublished data.
9/1/1980 NCJ 56599
Publication State Court Caseload Statistics - Annual Report, 1977 This report, third in a series, presents statistical caseload data compiled from annual reports of each State court system and from other data during 1977.
1/1/1982 NCJ 86854
Publication State Court Caseload Statistics - Annual Report, 1978 Following an introduction, the report presents 3 figures and 51 tables giving court caseload data for courts in all 50 States, the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico.
4/1/1983 NCJ 90675
Publication State Court Caseload Statistics - Annual Report, 1979 This 1979 annual report of State court caseload statistics is the fifth in a series containing statistical caseload data compiled from the annual reports of each State court system and from other available data.
4/1/1984 NCJ 93910
Publication State Court Caseload Statistics - Annual Report, 1980 State court caseload summary statistics are provided for appellate courts, including both courts of last resort and intermediate appellate courts, and for trial courts in the 50 States, the District of Columbia, Guam, and Puerto Rico.
8/1/1984 NCJ 95474
Publication State Court Caseload Statistics, 1977 to 1981 In 1981, the 50 States and the District of Columbia reported over 82 million cases filed in their respective trial courts. Between 1977 and 1981, the number of civil case filings increased by 31 percent.
Part of the State Court Organization Series
2/1/1983 NCJ 87587
Publication State Court Caseload Statistics, 1977-81 This is a discrete reference volume, containing structure charts, statewide aggregate caseload data and reporting practices, population trends, and a detailed explanation of the Court Statistics Project (CSP) methodology.
2/1/1983 NCJ 87587
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