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Product Type Title (and Summary) Date Product Number
Publication Firm Convictions - Trends and Issues in Prosecution and Sentencing of Minnesota Felons Between 1981 and 1983, Minnesota's criminal justice system showed increases in prosecutions, convictions, and incarcerations in jails and prisons.
11/1/1985 NCJ 102217
Publication Jail Inmates, 1983 This survey used personal interviews with a stratified random sample of 3,992 male and 1,793 female inmates of 407 local jails to identify sociodemographic and criminal characteristics of the 1983 jail inmate population.
Part of the Census of Jails Series
11/1/1985 NCJ 99175
Publication Persistent Felony Offenders in Kentucky - A Profile of the Institutional Population Individual, offense, and criminal career characteristics were examined using data on 1,261 inmates incarcerated as persistent felony offenders (PFO's) as of May 1, 1985.
11/1/1985 NCJ 100810
Publication 1984 State Appellate Court Jurisdiction Guide for Statistical Reporting - Summary Tables State-by-State statistics cover aspects of State appellate courts' jurisdictions and operating procedures for 1984 so as to create a comparable data base for these courts.
10/1/1985 NCJ 100803
Publication Crime Control and Criminal Records This paper explains the relationship between criminal justice records and program initiatives that target offenders and victims.
10/1/1985 NCJ 99176
Publication Criminal Victimization, 1984 Graphic and tabular data, as well as narrative trend analysis, update the preliminary estimates of 1984 criminal victimizations and present comparative data for the period 1973-84.
Part of the Criminal Victimization Series
10/1/1985 NCJ 98904
Publication Repeat Offenders in Illinois This study analyzes the criminal activity of 537 Illinois releases during the first 18-20 months after their release. during the first 18-20 months after their release.
10/1/1985 NCJ 100174
Publication State Criminal Records Repositories This report presents the results of a survey conducted in December 1984 to determine features of State criminal records repositories.
10/1/1985 NCJ 99017
Publication Who Gets Caught Doing Crime? This study of types of offenders and their rates of arrest offers suggestions for distinguishing between the most serious offenders and lesser offenders.
10/1/1985 NCJ 101727
Publication Criminal Victimization of District of Columbia Residents and Capitol Hill Employees - Summary This study compares data on the victimization of (1) District of Columbia residents and residents of its Maryland and Virginia suburbs within the District of Columbia Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (SMSA); (2) residents of the District of Columbia SMSA, of similar SMSA's, and of the Nation; and (3) Capitol Hill employees and other employed residents of the District of Columbia SMSA.
9/20/1985 NCJ 98567
Publication Compendium of State Privacy and Security Legislation - 1984 Edition - Overview This compendium references and analyzes current State laws, regulations, executive orders, and the opinions of attorneys general pertaining to privacy and security of criminal history and record information.
9/1/1985 NCJ 98077
Publication Criminal Victimization of District of Columbia Residents and Capitol Hill Employees, May 1982-April 1983 Data from three victimization surveys conducted between May 1982 and April 1983 formed the basis of an analysis of the criminal victimization of people living in the District of Columbia and of people working on Capitol Hill.
9/1/1985 NCJ 97982
Publication Expenditure and Employment Data for the Criminal Justice System (United States) - Extract File, 1982 This report describes the methodology, file structure, codebook information, and information processing for a 1982 survey of U.S. criminal justice expenditures and employment. The variable description list and codebook are also provided.
9/1/1985 NCJ 100879
Publication Offender Based Transaction Statistics (OBTS), 1981 - California, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah and Virginia After a brief general history of the Offender Based Transaction Statistics (OBTS), this manual describes the data collection methodology, file structure, and codebook and processing information for the 1981 OBTS for seven States. The variable description list and codebook are also presented.
9/1/1985 NCJ 100887
Publication Prosecution of Felony Arrests, 1980 This report, the third in a series, presents data from 28 jurisdictions (1) describing felony case processing in urban prosecutors' offices and (2) showing what happens to criminal cases between the arrest and the sentence to prison.
9/1/1985 NCJ 97684
Publication Survey of Inmates of Local Jails (United States), 1983 After briefly describing the methodology, file structure, and information processing of the 1983 Survey of Inmates of Local Jails (United States), this report presents the variable description list, codebook, questionnaire, and frequencies and univariate statistics.
9/1/1985 NCJ 100893
Publication Telephone Contacts '85 This directory lists the telephone numbers for the administrators and the subject area specialists at the Bureau of Justice Statistics.
9/1/1985 NCJ 98292
Publication Capital Punishment, 1984 Statistics on prisoners under sentence of death during 1984 accompany summaries of the year's legislation and U.S. Supreme Court decisions on the subject.
Part of the Capital Punishment Series
8/1/1985 NCJ 98399
Publication Criminal Victimization in the United States, 1983 Comprehensive statistical information about crime and its victims is presented in the 10th annual report based on results of the National Crime Survey (NCS).
Part of the Criminal Victimization in the United States Series
8/1/1985 NCJ 96459
Publication Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Law and Justice Statistics These papers from the third biannual Workshop on Law and Justice Statistics, held in conjunction with the American Statistical Association's 1985 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nev., August 3 and 4, pertain to current work in criminal justice statistics.
8/1/1985 NCJ 112230
Publication The Prevalence of Imprisonment A new statistical indicator is introduced that shows the pervasiveness of State imprisonment by measuring both the percentage of the Nation's population confined on any given day and the percentage that will ever have served a State prison sentence in their lifetimes.
7/15/1985 NCJ 93657
Publication Patrol Car Allocation Model - Executive Summary This nontechnical report describes the Patrol Car Allocation Model (PCAM85), a computer program to help police agencies determine the number of patrol cars to have on duty in each of their geographical commands.
7/1/1985 NCJ 98719
Publication Prison Admissions and Releases, 1982 These statistics on persons admitted to and released from State prisons in 1982 cover inmate demographic and offense characteristics as well as the median sentence given and the median time served before release.
7/1/1985 NCJ 97995
Publication 1984 State Trial Court Jurisdiction Guide for Statistical Reporting - Summary Tables These 19 summary tables provide information relating to the completeness and comparability of State trial court statistics for 1984.
6/1/1985 NCJ 100779
Publication Directory of Local Criminal Justice Computer Systems This directory contains descriptions of the automated information systems that support Virginia's local criminal justice agencies.
6/1/1985 NCJ 98217
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