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Justice Statistics Improvement - Funding

National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS)

2001 awards - National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS)Implementation Program
State NIBRS Award   Recipient Agency

Arizona $290,974   Arizona Criminal Justice Commission
Arkansas $414,877   Arkansas Crime Information Center
California $999,194   California Department of Justice
Bureau of Criminal Information & Analysis
Colorado $525,000   Colorado Bureau of Investigation
Connecticut $380,000   Connecticut Department of Public Safety
Division of State Police
Delaware $213,122   Delaware State Police
Bureau of Identification
Hawaii $500,620   Hawaii Department of the Attorney General
Crime Prevention & Justice Assistance Division
Illinois $801,741   Illinois State Police
Louisiana $948,741   Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement
Maine $362,970   Maine Department of Public Safety
Maine State Police
Massachusetts $422,038   Massachusetts State Police
Crime Reporting Unit
  Minnesota Department of Public Safety
Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
Missouri $840,819  

Missouri State Highway Patrol
Criminal Records & Identification Division

Nebraska $115,700   Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice
Nevada $330,955   Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles & Public Safety
New York* $900,000   New York Division of Criminal Justice Services
Office of Justice Systems Analysis
North Dakota $303,813   North Dakota Office of the Attorney General
Bureau of Criminal Investigation
Ohio $1,000,000   Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services
Oregon $290,632   Oregon State Police
Rhode Island $337,679   Rhode Island State Police
South Dakota $57,335   South Dakota Office of the Attorney General
Division of Criminal Investigation
Texas $935,455   Texas Department of Public Safety
Uniform Crime Reporting
Utah $134,844  

Utah Commission on Criminal & Juvenile Justice

Vermont $99,157   Vermont State Department of Public Safety
Division of Criminal Justice Services
Washington $763,936  

Washington Office of Financial Management

Wisconsin $663,600   Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance
Total $13,133,202    

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